Project Execution Period 2016

Project Overview

BHP Billiton developed a storage warehouse facility hub in order to support their existing rail and port services in Wedgefield, Port Hedland. The development consisted of a 12,000m2 warehouse with additional external pallet racking and storage facilities.

of Work

  • Provide competent Engineering Surveyors to oversee the civil aspect of contract
  • All initial control establishment to be used for the duration of the construction period
  • All clearing and excavation permit drafting and set out for the Client
  • Civil concrete set out for the warehouse, (calculations and set out)
  • Concrete pre-pour and as built reporting
  • Services set out and as built reporting


  • The job was carried out incident free
  • Scope was delivered on time and on budget

This was an accelerated programme and we needed a competent and experienced survey crew to assist us to deliver, Culhig Surveying had impressed us in the past but they really delivered on this job. They are a highly experienced team and will have a positive impact on any project they are engaged for.

- Eanna Doolin, Director - Doolee Construction