Corunna Downs

Project Execution Period March 2017

Project Overview

Atlas Iron Mining engaged Culhig Surveying, to complete two road intersection surveys to MRWA standard, followed by the establishment of the primary control network to be used for the duration of the construction work associated with the Corunna Downs expansion project.

of Work

  • Provide competent Engineering Survey Team to oversee the survey of both road intersections
  • Primary control establishment along the 40km from Marble Bar to site, to be used for the duration of the construction works
  • Complete access track pegging to ore body
  • Complete heritage pegging to delineate restricted sacred sites
  • Water pipeline corridor set out, for other mining operation (Fender)


  • The job was carried out incident free
  • Scope was delivered on time and on budget

This was an accelerated programme and we needed a competent and experienced survey crew to assist us to deliver, Culhig Surveying had impressed us in the past but they really delivered on this job. They are a highly experienced team and will have a positive impact on any project they are engaged for.

- Lawrence Chang, Project Engineer - Atlas Iron